Almost 100 Years of Heritage

Dos Rios Farms

40 years of Cannabis farming, fortunate and thankful to be on a journey with like minded people in beautiful settings. 

From Livestock to Kush, we know farming.

40 Years of Legacy Farming

Welcome to Dos Rios Farms, A heritage farm that has been producing livestock and agriculture for almost 100 years.

We began extending the reach of it’s cultivation to Cannabis in 2011 when we Incorporated.

The majority of the pictures I chose to post are of these gorgeous settings that I’ve been so fortunate to witness here on this property that faces South looking into the North Fork Eel River’s Gorge. This journey has graced us with so much beauty that I’m as compelled to share this as much as our journey with our beloved Cannabis. I will be starting my 40th year cultivating Cannabis in 2022. I fall easily into the “Legacy Farming’ communities here in beautiful Mendocino County.

We’ve created a few noteworthy strains here on the Farm under the umbrella of ‘Dos Rios Farm’s Nursery’ one being ‘Jah Kush’ which is pictured. Also noteworthy is our LSD/Lemon Skunk x Dsl/Kush, Dutch1 which is Dutch Treat x T1/Purple Jasmine, Cherry1 which is Cherry Ak x T1/Purple Jasmine and our own pheno of Chocolope, as well as ‘Asia Moon’ a cross of Chocolope x Miyagi OG, ‘Lady Reserva’ a cross of LVRK (Long Valley Royal Kush) x Northern Lights #6, (NL#6) Ms. Oweo a cross of Cookie Monster x NL#6.

For 2022 we’ll be featuring our newest ‘Mintz Royale’ an intriguing mix of Kush Mints x Royal Kush47.

Please, take your time and enjoy the sharing that my impassioned cohorts (fellow farmer’s…LOL) have created for you here at Round Valley Cannabis Coop’s home.

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