Micro Climate Cannabis

Nitta’s Flowers

We are a Minority/Woman-Owned company growing cannabis in a unique micro climate, with longer days and higher temps, we are “Full Sun Growers”. 

Harvesting for Max Potency and Max Physical Assimilations.

Full Sun Cannabis

Welcome to Nitta’s Flowers,LLC page. We are a Minority/Woman-Owned company We are a sister company that resides with Dos Rios Farm’s Nursery under the umbrella of Dos Rios Farms. The main differences being, our gardens micro-climate of facing due South towards the North Fork Eel River Gorge which creates a much longer day with higher temperatures than Dos Rios Farms’s garden sites.

The other main difference is, ‘we are Full Sun growers also deemed ‘Full- Term or Licensed Out-Door’ with no light assist of any kind. Both licenses share the same IPM and feeding protocols with alignment to our Stellar orientations. Both cultivation sites practice the same harvesting protocols to achieve maximum potency and physical assimilations with our flowers.

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